Moodle Student Tutorials


Discussion Forums


Upload a file with an assignment

Post your discussion to a forum

Take a quiz

Save file as an .rtf or .pdf file


Use free version of Microsoft Word available to CC students.

Read/reply to other’s discussion postings


Attach a file to your discussion


View rubric and instructor feedback for a discussion forum

View quiz results

Lose internet connection while taking a quiz



Send/receive/reply to messages


Submit an online text assignment


Resubmit an assignment


View rubric and instructor feedback for an assignment

Receive daily email alert for new forum posts


Check Gradebook and instructor feedback


Check Moodlerooms Grader to see rubrics and instructor comments



Change profile information

Online Video Conferences with your Instructor

Install Programs or Plug ins

Change default email





Need more help?

Check out Moodlerooms Help

Instructions to join a video conference using “Zoom.”

Download Mozilla Firefox

Download QuickTime

Download Windows Media Player

Download Zoom

Download Adobe Reader

Download Flash

Download Adobe Shockwave

Download RealPlayer


Microsoft Office (free):

·         On your computer

·         On your mobile device (view files only).


Follow these instructions if you choose not to install the Microsoft Office programs on your computer but want to view and edit the contents of Microsoft Office files, such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files.