Moodle Instructor Tutorials

Short “how to” videos and written explanations about the most common tasks performed when teaching or developing a course in Moodle.


Beginning of Semester Tasks

Developing a Moodle Course Tutorials

Use these guides when adding/changing content in an existing course or developing a new course

1.    Restore course to your course shell on the production site

2.    Prevent students’ access to course until beginning of the semester

3.    Set number of visible units

4.    Enable completion tracking

5.    Change course due dates

6.    In syllabus Identify activities used to determine attendance.

7.    Add links to PDF syllabus and course schedule in Quick Links block

8.    Set Quick Links documents to open in a new window

9.    Add discussion forum due dates to Calendar

10.  Include Syllabus Agreement EVA activity

11.  Allow student access to course at the beginning of the semester

12.   Verify data in Faculty Portal


During Semester Tasks

·        Check & post attendance before census date

·         Post official weekly attendance reports after census date in Faculty Portal.

·        Drop/suspend students in Moodle

·         Set up official Faculty Portal gradebook


End of Semester Tasks

1.    Convert blank cells to zeroes – quick method

2.    Show course total to students in gradebook

3.    Post and submit official final grades  in Faculty Portal

4.    Backup course to be used for next semester


Importing publisher e-packs into Moodle
McGraw Hill


Importing textbook test banks into Moodle
McGraw Hill instructions
Norton instruction
Pearson instructions


Adding course content

Class Orientation section and Course Summary

Quick Links block – Add syllabus & course schedule

Plan and develop your course content design

Gradebook Setup Users Guide

Gradebook Setup with Extra Credit

Add information to course content – overview

Add instructor resources

Add a discussion forum

Add an assignment activity

Add a quiz activity

Add student feedback activity


Adding Course Content Users Guide – Instructions include other types of course content not used as often.



Developing a new course

Discussion Forum Settings if it is to be graded

Set up restrict access and activity completion choices

Measurable Learning Outcomes and Core Objectives

Enable the activity completion feature

Duplicate feature – use to save time in adding similar labels and activities

Add/delete number of sections

Add blocks

Add/edit calendar events (such as Discussion Forum due dates)

Capture screen shots


Backup Sandbox course and restore to Production Site after course is approved



Review process to approve new online courses

Overview of course quality review process

   Quick link to self-evaluation form


Review process to renew existing online course

Overview of renewal process

 Quick link to self-evaluation form


Other Helpful Tutorials

Communicate with Students

Discussion Forums and Assignments


Obtain student phone numbers at Student Portal

Messages block – read messages from students and send reply


Students have blocked you from sending messages to them

Two methods to grade assignments and discussion forums

Grade without Checklist, Rubric, or Marking Guide video – with joule Grader

Grade with a Checklist or Rubric – video - with joule Grader

Set up gradebook for the first time
Course gradebook settings

View and edit grades
Convert blank cells to zeroes – written instructions

Class List block – Send message to an individual student

People block – send the same message to all (or multiple) students

Grade with a Marking Guide – written instructions with joule Grader

Add discussion forum due dates to Calendar


Edit a rubric

Gradebook: Common Problems & Solutions:
Students can’t see some of their grades

Student category total doesn’t calculate correctly.

Student’s can’t see course total

Latest News block - Post Course Announcements for all students and send email

QuickMail block – send/receive attached files through email

Grade assignments that include students’ uploaded files

(Includes sending a file with comments back to students.)

Allow a student to resubmit uploaded files before/after you have graded an assignment


Manually add events to the calendar

Add discussion forum to the Moodle calendar

Navigate in a Moodle Course
How to open/close sections and blocks

Return to previous location after closing an activity


Revise discussion forum instructions in a “live” course
Add discussion forum to the Moodle calendar

Add feedback comments that can be seen in gradebook


Prevent posts/replies from going to student email accounts


Use Moodle Groups feature to prevent traditional college and dual credit students from interacting in activities such as discussion forums.

Assess teamwork skills using Group feature.


Group work with Wikis
Explanation of how Wikis can be used
How to Videos

Student involvement in your course

Identify and send message to students who have not submitted an assignment/quiz

Identify when students last logged into the course

Identify student’s recent activity and time spent


TurnitIn Assignments

Set up and grade – Slideshow

Create a Turnitin assignment

Grading TurnitIn Assignments – Video


Personalized Learning Designer
Personalized Learning Designer
How to set up automatic messages, etc. based on student actions.


Troubleshoot student’s technical problems in your course
Log in as a specific student

Troubleshoot a quiz grade that doesn’t appear
Students can’t see some of their grades


Embed YouTube video into Moodle



Other Resources

MoodleRooms How to Manuals

Click link above to view instructions directly from MoodleRooms.


Master Syllabus Template

Master syllabus template for online courses

(Use this template if you need to develop a master course for an online course)


Creating quizzes

Recommended quiz settings

Provide feedback based on quiz grade

Troubleshoot a quiz grade that doesn’t appear

Allow a student to take quiz after due date

Change points earned on questions

Reset a student’s quiz attempt
Edit quiz questions and answers– written steps
Edit questions or change maximum points - Youtube

Force a quiz grade to appear if student doesn’t submit it properly.
See Quiz statistics
Quiz FAQs
Copy question bank from one course to another

Moodle documentation on managing a Moodle course. Does not include special features only available to us through MoodleRooms.

Brainfuse Online Tutoring Guide
Provides special tutoring for online students


Faculty Portal Course Management

(1 hr. Webinar - good into if teaching face to face courses. Demonstrates providing information, discussion forums, online testing, uploading assignments, email, and grading as well as the student view.)