Moodlerooms Instructor Tutorials
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Beginning of Semester Tasks




Communicate with Students

·        Restore course to your course shell on the production site

·        Prevent student access to course until beginning of the semester

·        Enable completion tracking

·        Change due dates for graded items

·        Upload this semester’s syllabus

·        Allow student access to course at the beginning of the semester

·         Verify data in Faculty Portal



During Semester Tasks

·        Check attendance in Moodle

·         Post attendance reports in Faculty Portal

·        Drop/suspend students in Moodle

·        Insert zeroes in empty grade cells so student course totals are accurate

·        Set current section to appear by default



End of Semester Tasks

·         Set up official Faculty Portal gradebook

·        Post and submit official final grades  in Faculty Portal

·        Keep course open through appeals time period

·        Backup course to be used for next semester

Add a new assignment activity

Assignment instruction examples

Common settings for “Online text” type.

Common settings for “Upload file” type

Extend due date for a student


From Moodlerooms:

Create and edit assignments

Grade assignments and provide feedback

Grade with Moodlerooms Grader

Commonly asked questions about assignments



Discussion Forums

How to choose forum type to use

Add a new forum activity

Forum instruction examples

Common Forum settings

Prevent students from posting after due date

Issue when using rubrics with forums

Add forum due date to Moodle calendar


From Moodlerooms:

Grade with Moodlerooms Grader

Grade discussion forums

General forum information

Ideas for successful discussion questions





Common Quiz settings

Extend due date for a student

Allow a student to retake a quiz

Grade an essay question

Common quiz issues for instructors

Student loses internet connection during quiz


From Moodlerooms:

Add and edit a quiz

Add questions to a quiz

Grade quiz

General quiz information

Know when you have new unread messages

Delete messages


Send message to “at risk” students through the Exception report

Send message to students within a specific grade range on a graded activity


Students have blocked you from sending messages to them


Obtain student phone numbers at Student Portal


Use Zoom for video conferencing, recording videos, student collaboration, and much more



Set up gradebook for the first time
Common course gradebook settings

Insert zeroes in empty grade cells


From Moodlerooms:

Get started with gradebook


Creating Group Projects

Set up groups